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Premier Breeder of Goldendoodles, Australian Labradoodles and the beautiful cross between the two; Double Doodles

Up and Coming Litters - Mini/Medium - Please see side tabs for availability, pictures, sizing etc.

To place your name on this list we require a $400 non refundable fee.

If you would like to reserve you place for our future litters to go forward it is a two step process.

Step 1

Send an e-mail with the subject being:

In your e-mail please include your full names (Including the last name the e-transfer will arrive in), mailing address and all contact telephone numbers.

Step 2

Send and e-transfer of $400.00 to
Password : reservation

This $400.00 is applied to my consultation fee for my time in answering e-mails, phone calls, updating my spreadsheets, website, posting pictures etc. This fee is non refundable.

Once we receive both, we will accept and add you to this list, also responding back to your e-mail.

Once Mom's deliver and we have an accurate puppy count we will place names onto litters.  At this time you will be contacted to accept your place on the particular litter or to keep your place for the next litter.  Once you are placed to your specific litter the reservation fee will need to be increased from the initial $400 to  1/3 of the purchase price.

Please see our NEW tab for  ADDITIONAL WAITING LIST

Moms Waiting for Pregnancy Confirmation for Fall and Winter Puppies:
We will update the Moms' individual page once we confirm pregnancy and at that time start contacting families from our waiting list. Girls hopefully pregnant.

​Butterscotch and Whiskey -Mini                          Ready approx Dec 23 2020
Ruby and Murry - Mini                                              Ready approx  Dec 23 2020
Winnie II and Murry - Mini                                      Ready approx Dec 23-27 2020
Ginny and Fletcher  - Medium                                Ready late Jan or early Feb 2021
Holly Bells and Murry - Mini/sm medium       Ready for late February 2021
Stormi and Murry - Mini                                           Ready for late Spring 2021

Girls Waiting to Cycle for Breeding for Winter  2020-2021 Puppies: 

Nana and  Cuddles or Fletcher : mini or  medium - 

Cassie and TBD:  Medium - 

Winter and Fletcher: Medium

Stormi and Murry : Petite Mini

Moxie and Fletcher: Medium

Girls Waiting to Cycle for Breeding for Spring/Summer Puppies: 

Sadie and Fletcher : Medium/Satandard

Penny and Fletcher:  Medium

Zuzu and Fletcher : Medium 

Franny Annie and Murry : Mini

Piper and Murry : Petite Mini

Poppy and Fletcher : Medium (Retirement litter)

Peaches and Murry : Mini

Please Note: we will only breed enough Moms to accommodate our waiting list with one or two extra Moms as sometimes Mother Nature can be unpredictable and a Mom may not get pregnant or have as large of a litter as expected. We  prefer not to have our families wait longer than necessary for a puppy.