Thistle Ridge Doodles     

Premier Breeder of Goldendoodles, Australian Labradoodles and the beautiful cross between the two; Double Doodles

Up and Coming Litters - Mini , mini/medium and  Medium 
Please see side tabs for  pictures, sizing and our 2021/2022 waiting list etc. 

GD - Goldendoodle   ALD - Australian Labradoodle   DD - Double Doodle

Girls Waiting to Cycle for Breeding for Fall 2021/Winter 2022/Spring 2022 Puppies: 
We will only breed to accommodate the families on our list and not all girls.

Cleminitine and Cuddles: mini/medium DD
Harley and Murry: Mini/medium DD
Bailee and Blueberry Bear: Mini/medium DD
Minnie and Cuddles: Mini DD
Winnie II and Johnny: Mini/Med ALD
Cassie and Whiskey: Mini ALD
Princess Leia and Whiskey: Mini ALD
Moxie II and Cuddles: Mini GD
Piper and Murry: Mini GD
Stormi and Murry: Mini GD
Penny and Murry: Medium GD

Please Note: we will only breed enough Moms to accommodate our waiting list with one or two extra Moms as sometimes Mother Nature can be unpredictable and a Mom may not get pregnant or have as large of a litter as expected. We  prefer not to have our families wait longer than necessary for a puppy.