Thistle Ridge Doodles


Hi there! Thanks so much for reaching out, Boston has been an absolute treasure to our family! He excelled at 2 levels of dog obedience (scoring perfect each time), and has been amazing with our children. We take Boston to the local dog park regularly, on hikes, to the childrens' outdoor activities and even to the drive in. He is so well behaved, calm and just a joy to bring everywhere! I personally have given out your names to easily 30 different people (probably more). Every time we are out and about, so many people stop us just for a chance to meet Boston. He will be 2 on Halloween, perfect health and about 42lbs. He can run and exercise with me, but is also completely content to sleep in with us on the weekend and lounge all day 😊.
I've attached a few pics of him.... Hope you enjoy! I'd love to hear about how his brothers and sisters have been doing. Thanks again for connecting, feel free to post my comments and pics on your site.

The Cosgrove Family
Hi Steve and Patricia.
Giggsy has turned 1!! Born March 2015.
A couple of pictures below of her favourite pose! She has been a wonderful pet and very well behaved. Loves people and other dogs! She is weighing in at 48 pounds, perfect size for us. 
About to start her on Adult food and was wondering if you feed your adult dogs the Costco Kirkland brand. Giggs has been on the Kirkland puppy food as per your recommendations. Just wondering if you recommend the adult Kirkland as well.
So very happy that I came across your website back in April 2015!
Thank you!
Hi There:
This email comes about 3.5 years late, however, we were just looking at your website and I thought I should send you some pictures of Kosmo who we purchased from you that long ago. Hard to believe he is going to be 4 in August, how time flies. He has been the most amazing dog!!! He is healthy, happy, easy to train, and has been a dream of a dog. He has a cottage that he loves to swim and run free at, he’s at the dog park almost every day and loves to play with other dogs and his cousin dogs, he’s not aggressive and also not the dominant, lol. We were passing your coordinates onto another family who is looking for a dog and got to looking at the pictures of the puppies available, oh how I would love to get Kosmo a brother, unfortunately, raising an animal is just as expensive as raising kids, lol. Enjoy the pictures, take care and have a great day!
Jill and Shawn