Thistle Ridge Doodles


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Poppy and Blue

Poppy and Blue welcomed their little puppies on May 7th with the little pups ready for their new families the last weekend of June, 2019. 

Poppy a beautiful red F1 Goldendoodle weighing 48 pounds and Blue a red Multigenerational Goldendoodle weighing 32 pounds. 

​1. Bushell Family
2. Cargoe Family
3. Shapiro Family
4. Paul and Julianne Family
5. Dee Family
6. Available Girl

Please call to discuss. plus HST
Goldendoodle Puppies
Poppy and Blue
Smith Family -  3195
 (I am very very very Retriever like and perfect for 
  the family who loves Retrievers but wants a bit less hair) 
Pictures below are from Poppy and Blue's last litter
. Right onto the bed with our little guy but as he didn't want her to jump with a tummy full of pups, he and Poppy were found sleeping in a nest on the floor.
Paul and Julianne Family - 9339
Dee Family -  Girl - 9132
Available Girl - 9549
Reserved Cargoe Family -  Boy - 9681
Shapiro Family -Boy - 9769
Bushell Family - Girl
This girl is very retriever like, and may not be the best for low to no shedding.