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Premier Breeder of Goldendoodles, Australian Labradoodles and the beautiful cross between the two; Double Doodles
Penny our beautiful red 37.3 pound Goldendoodle  and a handsome Fletcher 37 pound Double Doodle welcomed their puppies on April 1st. Puppies are varying shades of apricot and red. Some have white stars, chests and toes. These little pups will be ready and will be ready May 27th, 2020.

​Puppy Selection will be done via Facetime or whatsapp  the weekend of  May 16th and 17th.

1. Breeders Choice (female)
2. Crandall Family
3. Treloar Family
4. Cricenti Family 
5. Scannell Family
*6. Neskovski Family
*7. Bovaird Family
*8. Irwin Family
Selection 6-8 spaces are available for families who are open to the possibility of a more retriever looking pup who may have some hair loss. Please see pictures below of what a retriever like pup could look like

Puppies are $2500 plus HST
Pictures Below are of last years pups!!!
Penny                                 and                         Fletcher
​This litter has been reserved please look at Stormi, Zenzie or Holly Bells litters for availability.
Thank you.
Criscenti Family - Boy - 9002
Crandall Family - Boy - 9003
Treloar - Boy - 9005
Scannell Family - Girl - 9007
Bovaird Family -Girl - 9009
Guardian's Selection - Girl - 9010
Neskovski Family - Boy - 9006
Irwin Family - Girl - 9008