Thistle Ridge Doodles     

Premier Breeder of Goldendoodles, Australian Labradoodles and the beautiful cross between the two; Double Doodles
Guardian Program.

Our Guardian families are an integral part of our program as it allows us to continue our enjoyment of puppies without having a kennel.

If you are wanting for information about becoming one of our Guardian families feel free to contact us at for further details.

We have 3 puppies that we are hoping to place this year and have a group of girls we are genetically testing to see who will be the better fits for our program.​

Butterscotch and Whiskey pup - Female Double Doodle pup will finish approximately 20-30 ish pounds

Stormi and Murry pup - Female Goldendoodle pup will finish approximately 20 - 30 ish pounds

Ginny and River Pup - Female Goldendoodle pup will finish approximately 35-45 ish pounds

Cassie and Whiskey pup - Female Australian Labradoodle pup will finish approximately 25-30 ish pounds

Nana and Rupert pup - Female Double Doodle pups. Likely finish approximately 40-45 ish pounds

Willow and Murry Pups - Female Goldendoodle Pups. Likely to finish approximately 20-25 pounds ish

Girls may be placed within 30 minutes of Waterdown, and the little boy must be placed within the Waterdown/ Carlisle limits or within 15 minutes (in traffic) of our home.

Ginny and River  Pup - Medium Size
Stormi and Murry  Pup - Mini Size
Butterscotch and Whiskey Puppy - Mini Size

Cassie and Whiskey pup - Mini Size
Nana and Rupert pup - Medium size