Thistle Ridge Doodles     

Premier Breeder of Goldendoodles, Australian Labradoodles and the beautiful cross between the two; Double Doodles

Guardian Program.

Our Guardian families are an integral part of our program as it allows us to continue our enjoyment of puppies without having a kennel.

If you are wanting for information about becoming one of our Guardian families feel free to contact us at for further details.

We have young and older pups that we are hoping to place this year and have a group of girls we are genetically testing to see who will be the better fits for our program.​

Butterscotch and Uncle Jessie pup -  Female (newborn)

Uncle Jessie - Stud 1.5 years of age (needs training)

Daisy Duke - Female 1.5 years of age (needs training)

Girls may be placed within 30 minutes of Waterdown, and the little boy must be placed within the Waterdown/ Carlisle/ Freelton limits or within 15 minutes (in traffic) of our home.