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Up And Coming Waiting List

Our  2021 list is OPEN at this time for both mini/medium and medium size litters. Please see the SIDE TAB labelled 2021/2022 - Waiting List.

On December 8th, 2021 we opened our 2022 list due to high volume of  families wanting on our waiting list for Mini's. We will do our best to offer a pup sooner but there is no guarantee.

Our 2022 is OPEN at this time for mini's, mini/medium and medium sized litters.  

We are lucky enough to have built a great program with quite a few girls we can choose from for breeding and therefore have opportunity to breed our girls based on the needs of the families on our reservation list. 

Once Mom have delivered and we have a puppy count we will fill available spots from this list and in order of this list.  

If  you would like to add your name to our lists it is a two step process.

Step 1

Send an e-mail with the subject being:

Include your full names 
(Including the last name the e-transfer will arrive in), 
Mailing address
All contact telephone numbers. 

Please also tell us a little about yourselves including the size you are reserving for either Mini or Medium.  Please NOTE our waiting times in our first paragraph. Also please take note that we are unable to guarantee gender as we can have a Mom with a litter of all boys or all girls. For this reason the more open you are to colour and gender the sooner you will be offered a pup.

Step 2

Send an e-transfer of $400.00 to
Password : reservation

Once we receive both, we will accept and add you to this list, also responding back to your e-mail.

THIS LIST IS FOR ALL OF OUR UP AND COMING Mini/Medium and not one particular Mom. Please note we cannot guarantee gender so you must be open to either gender. We cannot also guarantee exact colour or coat. Should a litter be born you will be given opportunity to accept staying on the list or move to the next for a more suitable pup. Once you have decided upon a litter this will be your litter.