Thistle Ridge Doodles     

Premier Breeder of Goldendoodles, Australian Labradoodles and the beautiful cross between the two; Double Doodles

We are committed to helping you find the right puppy for you and your family

We are a home breeder of Goldendoodles, Australian Labradoodles and Beautiful Double Doodles which is a cross between the two. With  colours of deep red, apricot,  chocolate, parti and on the rare occasion black or black and white parti.

Our primary focus in our breeding program is the personality and temperament of the pup as many go to become therapy dogs, assistance dogs and guide dogs.

By starting with home raised pet parents with good or excellent genetic testing we feel our pups have a better chance for a healthier and longer life.

Home raising of our pups also contributes to the wonderful personality the pup will have when you take him or her home. 

Started in our living room with Puppy Culture, moving to our family room  for Baxter and Bella training and in and outside as we go out to play with our  puppy loving children; ages 8 and 11. These little puppies are already very social and affectionate by the time they leave our children's arms and go into yours.

Australian Labradoodles
Goldendoodles in Ontario
Goldendoodles in Canada
Mini Goldendoodles
Mini Labradoodles
Mini Australian Labradoodles
Mini Australian Labradoodles in Ontario
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Chocolate Goldendoodles
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Brown Labradoodles
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Medium Labradoodle

    Please have patience as we work through the puppy e-mails we are receiving right now. At times we are receiving so many that we are exceeding our allowable internet quota and they are being held by our carrier. This may cause a delay in us responding back to you.

​Also Due to the high volume of interest and Covid-19, we are not accepting phone or in-person appointments, until we have a confirmed litter for which we will open registration from our Waiting List and call families in order of our reservation list. Please note we will only call you when we are able to offer a place on a list.

If you do e-mail us, due to the high volume of interest and our family run breeding program, we simply cannot respond to every email. For this reason we ask you to please read each and every page on our website as we have done our best to answer most if not all questions you should have.

On our pages such as Up and Coming Litters we make mention of possible up and coming litters and what types of pups will be expected. On our Waiting List page we explain how to put yourself onto our generally not litter specific list and discuss approximate waiting times depending upon size of pup you are most interested in. On our Purchase Page we discuss the sizes we offer and the price. Please also read over important pages such as our Explanation of Health Testing, Health Guarantee and "Are We True Breeders"

Thank you for your patience. We are doing our very best to keep up with inquiries however the care of our pups is most important to us and takes the majority of our time. We conduct Puppy Culture with our pups from DAY ONE and then prior to going home Start training with Baxter and Bella. giving this specialized care is very time sensitive and takes precedence over answering e-mails of questions already on our website. Please read our website.